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Gauge Protection TMG
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Gauge Protection type TMG for Hydraulic-Pumps series PHS

Robust gauge protection is ideal for harsh environments and favoured where the fear of dropped objects is high. Provides a safe and healthy working environment. Prepared and designed to fit on all of our pumps in the PHS-series both for small and the large gauges.
Easily attached with a snap-on design without any tools necessary.

The TMG-series is applicable in:
• Scraping and demolition
• Industrial applications
• Rescue services
• Civil defence
• Emergency aid operations
• Marine and off-shore
• Oil and gas

Mounting of Gauge Protection

It is installed by simple snapping-in and fits all pumps of the PHS series for both old and current types. No additional tools are required.

Gauge Protection

Description TMG65 (small) TMG100 (large)
Order-No. 51157 51085

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