Blind rivet nut setting devices

Blind Rivet Setting Device Type XT206
Technical data

Blind rivet setting tool series XT206

XT206 provides unique process control to ensure that the rivet is always assembled with the correct stroke length entered by the operator.The process stops if any deviation is detected. Because the rivet is assembled with the force determined by the application, the tool will only use the exact amount of force necessary. This power-saving automation is one of the features making the tool highly reliable and means that minimum maintenance is required.

The components of this well-balanced tool are made of highly durable aluminium and steel.These specially selected materials combine strength and low weight to minimize strain on the operator.

The operator assembles the rivet using one trigger mechanism. Threading off is automatic.The stroke length can be simply adjusted to achieve optimum heading, which gives the end-result the right strength.

Technical data

Working pressure 5 - 7 bar
Pull force (at 6 bar) 10 kN
Stroke 0 - 4 mm
Cycle time <2,0 sek.
Noise level <75dB (A)
Delivered ready equipped for M4, M5, M6
Weight 1.3 kgs
Height 154 mm
Length 241 mm

Blind rivet nuts

Material M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
Steel X X X X  
Aluminium X X X X X  
Stainless steel X X X  

X = Recommended working range

Technical drawing XT206

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