Brushless electric screwdrivers

Brushless Electric Srewdriver Shut-off DC32V + DC40V
Technical Data

Brushless Electric Screwdriver shutt-off DC32V + DC40V

Brushless Electric Screwdriver DC32V for torques from 0.02 to 2.94 Nm and DC40V 0.98 to 18 Nm. The use of a high performance, brushless motor gives unbeatable creep strength. Maintenance is virtually unnecessary for these wrenches. The repeatability of the torque of ± 5% makes this tool to a high precision industrial tool. These screwdrivers have no carbon brushes. The high-quality engine ensures that the screws are precisely tightened. The efficiency remains the same, even by permanent use of the screwdriver.


• Precise torque control
• Stepless lockable torque setting
• Safeguarding of the torque setting by use of a torque cap, or locknut (several models)
• Clamping the wrench may be done by means of the torque cap
• Screwdriver is suitable for the use in clean rooms
• Compact, lightweight and easy to handle
• No overheating problems at permanent load
• Comfortable handling thanks to Soft-Grip at  DC32V models
• All straight screwdrivers are available in ESD version
• All models are CE certified and RoHS compliant

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