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Drilling System Series BS 23
Technical Data

Drilling System Series BS 23

The drilling system enables to drill holes up to a dia. of 23 mm into unhardened steel.

• The air pressure is constantly held by 6.3 bar, the drill is operated at a speed of 320 rpm and the tool is connected
   to a pressure hose (max. 5 m long) with  minimum diameter of 13 mm.
• At low air pressure, blurred drill bits and/or without cutting fluid or other disruptive factors, will the drilling
  performance be lower.

This drilling system makes use of the lever law. An all-purpose adjustable chain combines the drilling system with the drilling tool itself. The required feed pressure is exerted by a lever which is firmly fixed to the drill.

• The standard version (BS23-4) oft the drilling system consting of:
  the drilling tool with morse taper 2, manual lever, holder for the manual lever and the all-purpose chain. The system can be equipped
  with various optional parts (see page 3).
• The core of the system is the extremely powerful drill tool. The smooth-running starter
   valve enables the drill to start slowly.
• The manual lever increases the feed force and reduces the risk of accidents caused by canting of the drill.
• With the proper combination of the various components, every drilling is done safely, efficiently and economically.
• The respective total weight of each drilling system is in between 4 kgs to 16 kgs
• With the drill extensions of 370mm and 750mm, larger distances can also be safely bridged.

The special use in vehicle construction
The drilling system is ideal for the use in car and commercial vehicle construction. The drilling system works efficiently and economically when it comes to drilling holes into:  the vehicle frame, in the extended wheelbases or the attachment of fifth wheel couplings.

• Highest safety during drilling work.
• No turning of the tool when the drill is canting.
• Simply replaceable components stand for easy maintenance.

Chuck: morse taper 2

Technical data

System BS-23-1 BS23-4 BS23LX
Drilling machine BL3-MK2 without handle 1 1 1
Lever SR201 1 1 1
Chain, 2.5 m with hook SR202 1 1 1
Drilling extension, 750 mm SR204-1 1 1
Drilling extension, 370 mm SR204-2 1 1
Holder for hand lever SR221 1 1 1
Tool box SR250 1
Chuck 16 mm / ½“ - 20 ZB 8002 90 1
Handle 62102880 1
Morse taper SR206-1 1

Technical drawing of the drilling system

Technical data of drilling machine BL3-MK2

Intake MK2
Cone 2
Speed 320 min¹
Air consumption 11 l/s
Capacity 500 W

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