Hydraulic High Performance Pumps

Electric Pump HEM 7 for Hydraulic Wrenches
Technical data

With the new developed microprocessor-controlled automatic, the pump HEM 7 works in three stages even faster and more effective. An operation in manual mode is also possible. With the digital remote control as optional accessories, the process security is increased due to a second, independent digital pressure gauge. The big pump (volume 8l) has an integrated oil cooler.
The small pump (volume 3l) can be purchased with an optional oil cooler. Furthermore the pump design 120V or 800bar enable the worldwide operation of HEM 7. This hydraulic pump is suitable for hydraulic torque wrenches.


• Three-stage hydraulic unit with electric drive for hydraulic power wrenches
• Operation manually or in automatic mode
• Extremely fast automatic function
• Stepless pressure adjustment
• Precision gauge (1,000 bar - class 1.0)
• incl. Oil cooler (for HEM 7-110-8)
• Support and protection bracket made of steel
• High-flow plug-in couplings
• For mains voltage 230V, 50Hz

Technical data

Type Flow rate Work. pressure Power Volume Weight Dimensions
[l/min] [bar] [kW] [ l ] [kgs] LxWxH [mm]
High pressure: 0.3  
HEM 7-037-3 Mid pressure: 1.0 700 0.37 3 21.6 464x310x425
Low pressure: 2.8  
High pressure: 0.8  
HEM 7-110-8 Mid pressure: 1.0 700 1.1 8 29.2 482x302x445
Low pressure: 2.8  


• Documentation system
• Remote control with digital pressure display
• Execution as a 120V machine
• Execution with operating pressure 800bar
• Other cable lengths on request
• Special units according to customer requirements



• HEM 7 hydraulic power pack with oil filling
• Operation manual

All information subject to change without further notice.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the named specifications.


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