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Electric Motor Pumps Series PME 35
Technical Data

Motor Pump Series PME 35RH

This two-stage portable pumps are compact of design with an extremely high performance. They are designed for the operation of single-acting cylinders and cutting tools.


• 3/3-way-solenoid/valve with pressuriser function for hydraulic cylinders
• 2/2-way valve without pressuriser function for cutting Tools
• Remote control with a 2.30 m cable, control voltage 12V
• Automatic switchover: Low pressure (LP) / high  pressure (HP)
• Carrying strap

Pumps are not suitable for continuous operation!

Technical Data PME35RH

Technical data PME 35RH-IN-1 PME 35RH-IN-2 PME 35RH-NO-1 PME 35RH-NO-2
Working pressure: up to 800 bar
Flow: Low pressure 2.0 l/min
High pressure 0.2 l/min
Valve 3/3-Way 3/3-Way 2/2-Way 2/2-Way
Oil volume, available 0.8 l 1.6 l 0.8 l 1.6 l
Electric motor: 230V; 50Hz; 0.35kW
Weight with oil 7.8 9.5 kgs 7.5 kgs 9.5 kgs

Technical drawing PME 35RH-IN

Technical drawing PME 35RH-NO

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Spare Part List for electro motor pump PME-35RH-NO

Spare Part List for electro motor pump PME-35RH-IN


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