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Electric Motor Pump Series PME 1S-6VE
Technical data

Electric Motor Pump Series PME 1S-6VE with Remote Control

This 2-stage, compact motor pump with steel tank and oil cooler is designed to operate single-acting cylinders and cutting tools.

• Operating pressure 700 bar
  (800 bar on request)
• Electric motor 230 V, 1.5 kW
• 3/3-way solenoid valve with pressure holding function
• Delivery incl. gauge and carrying frame
• Remote control with a 5m long cable, control voltage 24V
• Automatic switching low pressure (LP)/high pressure (HP)  
• Externally adjustable pressure relief valve   
• For the operation of single-acting cylinders with quick-stop nipple
  (hose rupture protection), a non-return valve TVP is absolutely
  necessary for the pump.


Technical drawing PME 1S-6VE

Technical data PME 1S-6VE

Type Electric Valve Working Working Flow Flow Effective Weight
Motor type pressure pressure rate rate oil vol. incl. oil  
MPa 1. Stage MPa 2. Stage l/min. 1. Stage l/min. 2. Stage kg
PME 1S-6VE 1.5 kW, AC230V 3/3-Way-Electric 6 70 (80) 6 1.1 13 60
50/60 Hz solenoid valve w.  
single phase pressure hold. func.            

Dimensions PME 1S-6VE

Type A B C D E F
mm mm mm mm mm mm
PME 1S-6VE 430 524 300 336 534 170

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Spare Part List PME 1S-6VE


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