Torque Wrench Battery Type

Torque Wrench Battery Type Sensor Controlled MB-RAD-S
Technical data

The battery-powered torque wrench B-RAD S has a built-in torque sensor at the gearbox output and shuts-off precisely by this sensor. Thereby the tool is insensitive to environment influences, such as friction, temperature or joint hardness. A very important safety feature is the shutdown according to torque / angle, also in counter-clockwise rotation. With this torquing tool one can tighten bolts by category A according to VDI/VDE 2862-2. Due to the brushless electric motor, the lifetime of the tool is increased. Our B-RAD S is especially suitable for maintenance work. With an integrated, highly sensitive torque check program bolted connections can be checked, without actually tightening the screw further. On custom demand the tool can be programmed with individual parameters. Each torque wrench comes fully calibrated with a bluetooth adaptor, reaction arm, 2x batteries, quick battery charger and manual in a storage case.


•    Sensor-controlled torque/angle shut-off
•    Accuracy ±1.0%
•    Shutdown according to torque / angle,
     also in counter-clockwise rotation
•    Brushless electric motor
•    Incl. documentation system
•    Incl. bolt check function
•    Multi-user level password protection
•    Digital setpoint adjustment
•    Intelligent counter for life cycle and maintenance
•    Selectable menu languages

Technical drawing

Dimension and selection table

Type Drive Torque Torque RPM Weight A B C D
size min. [Nm] max. [Nm] [min-1] [kgs] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
MB-RAD 700-S ¾" 70 700 21 5.3 261 63 71 262
MB-RAD 1400-S ¾" 140 1400 10 5.3 261 63 71 262


•    Li-HD-battery 8.0Ah
•    ProTight™ worker control system
•    BoltPilot®



• MAD-S battery-powered torque wrench
• Reaction arm with locking ring
• 2 x Li-Ion batteries with 5.2Ah / 18V
• Battery charger
• Screw testing program
• Documentation system
• Factory test certificate
• Operation manual
• Tool case

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