Wire cutters

Wire Cutter TA4
Technical Data

Wire Cutter TA4 Air hydraulic cutting tool for steel wire up to Ø 5 mm

The TA4 is an air hydraulic cutting tool. The design allows working with rapid strokes.

The tool is both light weight and well-balanced to minimize the strain on the user. Air hydraulic power also means that the tool runs silently and it‘s completely vibration-free. The tool has only few moving parts and has therefore an extremely high level of operational reliability.

Tool Bits TA4

Technical data

Application Steel/Stainless steel Aluminium/Copper
max. Dimension 5 mm 5 mm
Bit edge angle 75° 60°
Bit edge length 8 mm 13 mm
Bit thickness 10 mm 10 mm

Drive unit TA4

Description Weight Length Cylinder
kgs mm Ø mm
TA4-D233/... 1.0 220 52
TA4-D433/... 1.4 302 60

Vibration level: < 2.5 m/s²
Noise level:      63 dB(A) CE

Order reference e.g.: TA4-D233 with tool bits "A" has the Order-No. TA4-D233/A

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Instruction manual and Spare Part List TA4-D233

Instruction manual and Spare Part List TA4-D433


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