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Bench Press ZHB-ZMB
Technical data

Bench Press Series ZHB/ZMB

Bench presses are suitable for lighter work, like pressing in and pressing out bearings and bushings, simple straightening work, etc..
Due to the compact design, these presses do not require a lot of space and can be easily integrated into the working environment.
A wide range of accessories is available for mounting on the hydraulic cylinder (CFC1012).


•    Capacity: 111 kN
•    Flexible Workshop Equipment
•    Available with hand pump or with an air-hydraulic pump
•    Huge accessory program for mounting on the hydraulic cylinder

The product range offers two different types:
•    with hand pump (ZHB10)
•    with air hydraulic pump (ZMB6).

Type Capacity Stroke Weight
kN(t) mm kgs
ZHB10 111 (11) 305 47
ZMB6 111 (11) 305 47
Description ZHB10 ZMB6
Pump P70-1000 PP70B-1000
Cylinder CFC1012 CFC1012
Quick coupling TX26S TX26S
Hose TX40-1.5 TX40-1.5
Press stand ZB110 ZB110
Pressure gauge bracket AVM202 AVM202
Gauge AMP651 AMP651
V-Block 2xTBV10 2xTBV10
Type A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm J mm K mm L mm
ZHB10/ZMB6 480 720 195 855 80 325 51 60 420 450 110

Technical drawing

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