Blind rivet nut setting devices

Blind Rivet Nut Setting Device Series PNT
Technical Data

Blind Rivet Nut Setting Device Series PNT

PNT is a professional range of air hydraulic tools for setting blind rivet nuts.

The tools are easy to operate and combine all the features needed to guarantee fast, reliable assembly. The design  incorporates tried and tested pneumatic engineering technology. The result is a highly practical tool for demanding production environments. Setting blind rivet nuts is simply done by squeezing the trigger three times, with threading off achieved on the third squeeze. The PNT tool is controlled by direct acting, non automatic valves. The stroke is easily adjusted to provide the optimum degree of heading, providing the joint with the required strength. The unique design provides a tool that is well balanced and easy to handle, minimizing strain on the operator.

PNT 200
A lightweight model, particularly suitable for small dimensions.

PNT 833
The original tool with high capacity and wide range of application, developed for the workshop industry.

PNT 900
The most effective model, designed for mounting large rivet nuts. This tool can be due to a special quick exhaust
mounting duration even further reduced.

Technical data

Technical Weight working Traction Stroke Air Height Length incl.
Data pressure consumption Mandrel
kgs bar kN mm m³/min. mm mm
PNT200 1.2 5.5-7 8 0-5 0.9 150 220 M4, M5, M6
PNT833 2.0 5.5-7 18.5 0-5 1.3 180 330 M6, M8, M10
PNT900 2.5 5.5-7 28 0-6 2.5 185 360 M8, M10, M12

Suitable Sizes

PNT200 Material M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Steel X X X X
Aluminium X X X X X
Stainless steel X X X
PNT833 Material M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Steel X X X X X X
Aluminium X X X X X X
Stainless steel X X X X X
PNT900 Material M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Steel O X X X X X X
Aluminium O X X X X X X
Stainless steel O X X X X X X


Installation is simple with the same function key for all three steps:

1) screwing: Push the button above - the mandrel rotates clockwise and the nut is screwed.
2) Rivets: all key press - the mandrel is pulled back and the nut is riveted.
3) Remove screws: Push the button down - the mandrel rotates counter-clockwise and bolted out the mother.


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