Hydraulic spreader

Hydraulic spreading tool DHS50-720
Technical data

Hydraulic spreading tool double acting - Serie DHS50-720

The hydraulic spreading tool DHS50-720 has a maximum spreading force of 260 kN, which makes it a powerful tool. The weight of the spreader is only 20 kgs, but still it has both opening, spreading, squeezing and pulling function. The spreader tips are interchangeable, which makes the tool even more flexible.

Features of the DHS50-720:

• compact design
• big opening
• Quick release for accessories

Double acting with deadman circuit

Type Order-No. Max. Spreading Max. squeezing Max. pulling Max. pulling Opening/ Weight
force force force distance angle
kN kN kN mm mm/° kgs
DHS50-720 45260 254 78 63 567 720/123 21

Technical data

*- The spreading forces have been measured at a distance of 25 mm from the end of the tip in closed and open positions.

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