Automatic screw feeder

Automatic Screwfeeder Series SF60
Technical Data

Automatic Screwfeeder Series SF60

The SF60 screw feeder easily handles screw sizes from 1.0 to 5.2 mm and a maximum thread length of 19.0 mm. A rail adjustment kit is included as standard. With this kit the change to different screw sizes quick and easy to perform.

Additionally, the feeder offers three different settings which allows the operator an easy control of the screw feeding.

The screw feeder SF60 has an electrical connection of 230V 50/60 Hz, Internal 15V DC 1.5 A. The unit processes easily metric, inch and self-tapping screws. An adjustable bit track guarantees for the optimal positioning of the screws.

Technical data SF60

Type Screw dia. Ø Thread length Filling capacity device dimensions L/B/H Weight
mm mm cm³ mm kgs
SF60 1.0 ~ 5.2 19 80 125/183/142 2.45

Setting options of the SF60

Vibration Timer: Here you can set the duration of the vibration until the screw reaches the supply rail.

Drum Timer: Here you can set the duration of the rotation of the drum until the screw reaches the supply rail.

Vibration Intensity: Adjust the vibration intensity.

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