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Random Orbital Sander Series FOR
Technical Data

Random Orbital Sander Series FOR - powerful and efficient

The random orbital sander are compact, lightweight and maneuverable. At the same time they are powerful enough for the grinding of metal and painted surfaces before repainting. The effective dust extraction with rear exhaust helps to keep the environment clean.

■ Powerful sanding, high stability and low vibration.
■ Excellent dust extraction capability to keep the working environment clean.
■ Available for different types of sandpaper, adhesive, adhesive velcro.

With Grinding Plate

Type Cap. sanding Idle Angle Capacity Total Weight Max.air Hose
disc speed head height length consumpt. size
mm rpm mm kW mm kgs m³/min. mm / inch
Models with safety lever start                
FOR-125BF-E(M)* Ø 125 8000 124 0.118 243 2.0 0.36 6.3 / ¼
FOR-150BF-E(M)* Ø 150 8000 124 0.118 256 2.1 0.36 6.3 / ¼

Compressed air connection: 1/4 „BSP or NPT (standard: BSP).
* Adhesive version: (E). * Velcro design: (M).
Series FOR, stroke 9 mm.

Supplied Accessories

Type Exhaust hose Dust bag Key Sanding Disc
FOR-125B • 2 pieces
FOR-150B • 2 pieces

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