Tool Racks

Tool Racks Series WS95
Technical Data

Tool Racks - Versatile applications and maximum control

The tool rack of the series WS 95 allows numerous applications due to its modular system. Its construction allows better alignment of the tool during drilling, screwing or thread cutting and easy operation for the user.


• 2 column lengths (custom lengths available on request)
• No reverse rotation forces
• Smooth operation through recirculating ball bearings
• Large working area
• rotatable by 360°
• adjustable tool arm
• extention length adjustable by adjusting rings
• Tool tension over prism support
• Quick tool change
• Supplied with spring balancer and spiral hose
• Optional accessories available
• Extended tool arm
• Large Prism recording („G“ version)
• Lock against rotation
• Second spring balancer, resp. other weight ranges

The different versions of our tool racks

Technical data

Modell Working radius max. torque Column Hold cap. Ø Hold. cap. Ø weight
standard reaction length Prism Standard Prism Vers. "G"  
mm Nm mm ca. mm mm kgs ca.
WS95 min.240/max.590 25 1050 26-40 45-60 8.0
WS95K min.240/max.590 25 720 26-40 45-60 6.5
WS95VSZ min.240/max.59 0 25 -- 26-40 45-60 9.5

Technical drawing

Special version with automatic thrust, Type: WS 95 VSZ

• This type performs the vertical movement of the tool arm, pressure air supported by a button.
• By means of a push cylinder which is actuated by a pilot valve in the handle, the „arm“ moves upwards or down wards
  (keep the down button pressed „arm“ moves down, release the button: „arm“ moves upwards).
• In this version, the spring balancer and the spiral hose is not applicable.    

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